Turnkey design

Zero-energy homes - Green Building - Ecological houses

  • ristrutturazione_casa_udine_01

    Renovation with extension in Udine

    The result that is obtained getting into the contact…

  • recupero-e-design-interni-rustico-udine_2

    Renovation with interior design Udine

    (Italiano) Il rustico ristrutturato…

  • progetto_villa_chiavi_in_mano_friuli_01

    Turnkey project in Udine

    The project was carried out aiming to practicality and energy

  • progetto_casa_hiavi_in_mano_friuli_04

    Turnkey project in Friuli

    The design of this House in the Udine area, in ..

  • progetto_condominio_lignano_02

    Condominium in Lignano

    This is the five-storey building, situated a few meters from…

  • progetto_casa_con_piscina_moruzzo_01

    House with pool in Moruzzo

    The location swathed in greenery is definitely a…

  • progetto_casa_bifamiliare_tavagnacco_01

    Two-family house in Tavagnacco

    The details are essential when building a home.

  • progetto_trifamiliare_udine_01

    Project for three-family house in Udine

    Designed for a total energy saving, these apartments…

  • progettazione-villa-a-maiano_3

    Designing villas in Friuli

    (Italiano) in classe energetica A…

  • progetto_casa_con_ufficio_veneto_01

    Home Office Project

    The idea was to create a home with an adjoining study and…

  • progettazione-nuova-casa-a-udine_8

    Designing houses in Udine

    (Italiano) Progettazione di un nuovo edificio …

  • progettazione_villa_martignacco_2

    Construction villa in Martignacco

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

  • progetto_villa_udine_01

    Designing villas in Udine

    Even individual homes must be contextualized according to…

  • progetto_casa_montagna_ravascletto_01

    Mountain House project Ravascletto

    In the mountains, the nature makes it possible to find…

What we do

Turnkey design

We listen to your needs, discuss ideas, plan, select the materials and technologies, build your home in compliance with your expectations.


Zero-energy homes

Making an energy self-sufficient home is now possible by maintaining the temperature, producing the energy needed, but also using the adequate materials and technologies.


Green Building

All our projects restrict the impact to the environment. We apply a cultural approach that respects people and environment, using natural materials, with a positive eco-budget.



Living in a healthy dry comfortable environment with the right temperature, some music and creative illumination: everything is important, even the things that do not immediately appear so.


Interior design

The study of context, environment, objects and functionality does enhance the experience of living at home. We discuss our ideas to make them become yours too, to improve the quality of your life, to make you feel good.


Ecological houses

Ecological houses are designed to minimize CO2 emissions. Do not pollute. It is made of recyclable materials.